Be Blinded by The Choice

When it comes to Blinds you can't go past the extensive range of blinds available at Affordable Curtains & Blinds. Visit our showroom at 3 Birdwood Avenue Moonah to play with and try out the working models or we can come to your home and measure supply and install custom made blinds of all types including Sunfilter/Sunscreen and Blockout Roller blinds. Insulating Honeycomb blinds in Double and single cell with top down bottum up and cordless options. Roman blinds. Versatile venetian and vertical blinds. Brand new Vision Blinds. External sun control blinds. Zip trak blnds.  Specialty skylight blinds. Stylish Panel blinds.

We offer honeycomb blinds from various suppliers. Honeycomb blinds are exceptional for insulating your home whilst providing privacy. Options available include 10 or 20mm cell sizes. Light filter and blockout. Top down bottom up, day night, skylight and perfect fit. Various operating systems are available - standard cord and cleat, cordless or continuous cord options.

Roller and Sunscreen blinds

Our range includes a large selection of fabrics from Light filter to blockout. Sunscreen fabrics are available in a wide range of colours.

 Sunscreen roller blinds to combat the heat and UV and glare while keeeping your view and light combined with either honeycomb blinds/ roman blinds or Blockout Curtains are perfect for our Tasmanian conditions of High UV hot summers and cold winters.

 The Darker the colour of the sunfilter fabric the easier they are to see through. They will give you day time privacy but you will require another product to give you night time privacy. Any mesh product like a sunfilter blind will allow you to see through to wherever the most light is. During the day there is more light outside your home than there is inside so you can see out through your sunfilter blind but people can't see in. Once those conditions change and there is more light inside your home than outside,like when you turn your lights on at dusk, the product reverses. This is when you need another product like a blind or curtain for privacy. 

 A popular combination is called a double blind.This is 2 blinds on the same window. One of the blinds is a sunfilter roller blind and the other is generally a blockout roller blind. They can be mounted together on a DOUBLE bracket or individually on their own brackets. The two blinds give you added insulation. Although sunfilter blinds are normally thought of in controling heat gain during the day they also help slow down night time heat loss. 


Venetian blinds are a great option for providing privacy whilst letting the light in and are available in a wide range of colours and various blade sizes.. The perfect fit system is available for glass door, Venetains can be in timber, timber look or aluminum. Our European Designed perfect fit frame system allows you to have blinds installed to your new PVC double glazed windows without the use of any screws so your warranty on the windows is not voided. Many people are unaware that screwing into a PVC window frame voids the product warranty. Slimline venetians, Honeycomb blinds and roller blinds can be installed with the perfect fit system. We can also mount this perfect fit frame to conventional timber and aluminium windows. 

Roman blinds

At Affordable Curtains & Blinds, we manufacture our own roman blinds here on site in Moonah. Roman blinds are available in a wide range of fabrics and both blockout and light filter.

Our Roman blinds are manufactured with a chain drive for ease of operation and product longevity.

Also available are Stylish Factory made Romans available to be made with stiffened blind fabrics that can also be made into panel blinds and roller blinds. You can Have a combination of products while using the same colours and fabrtics. 

Vertical blinds

Vertical blinds are  available in blockout and light filter fabrics. Our vertical blinds can be wand or cord operated are chainless and have sewn in weights but can be made with bottom chains if requested. As with all our products we install child safety devices to all operating cords and chains. The wand contol option at no extra charge totally eliminates the need for operating cords and chains.  Various blade sizes and colours are available with co-ordinating track colours. Our most popular blockout fabric comes with the added benefits of being flame resistant, sanitised mould resistant and easy to clean with a damp sponge and warm water or a little detergent. The same fabric is available to be manufactured as a roller blind so you can have rollers and verticals in the same coulour and fabric. The roller blind fabric carries the same treatements for flame and mould resistance and is also easy clean.

 Vertical blinds are a great product for covering sliding doors especially with the wand control and along with basic roller blinds and slimline venetians are a very ecenomical way to cover your windows.   

Honeycomb blinds

Insulate your windows and save on your energy bills

Save $$$$ on your energy bills by Investing  in this amazingly versatile product. Air is a great insulator and with its clever construction this blind creates a pocket of air in each cell and quietly does its job of stopping your hard earned dollars from flying out your windows. In areas of Europe with a similar climate to ours these blinds combined with double and triple glazing have been a standard feature in peoples homes for many years. 

Honey comb blinds are custom made to suit your windows.

They come in many configurations including the ones listed below. 

 - Single cell                               - Designer colours

- Double cell for extra insulation   - Cordless lift

- Blockout                                  - Robust continuous cord 

- Translucent                              - Budget and premium options

- Top down/ Bottom up                - Tasmanian made options supporting local jobs

- Skylight                                   - 5 year warranty available 

- Motorised with remote control    - Installed by professional installers

- Arched shapes

- Large and small cell sizes


Design shades

We have an exclusive range of Design Shades. This range offers a soft, elegant addition to your windows at affordable prices. The syles include

  • Profile Shades
  • Lookout
  • Shadowline
  • Flight Plus

We also offer a range of Panel Glides and Bonded Blinds with or without pelmets.

Additional varieties

Our locations in Hobart also have a great range of the following:

  • Bonded
  • Vertical
  • Panel
  • Awnings